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Cambridge Forensics is pleased to announce the addition of our Supply Chain Division. We are a proud partner and US distributer for SmartWater Group, a high technology company with an established 25+ year track record of crime deterrence, theft reduction and apprehension. Cambridge Forensics utilizes SmartWater forensic coding solutions to develop customized and proven crime reduction strategies that create a powerful deterrent by significantly increasing the risk to the potential offender. Our solutions to your problems start with SmartTrace.


Did you know...

Vehicles, Catalytic Converters, Agricultural Equipment, Residential and Commercial Thefts/Robberies are steadily increasing across the United States, and the international Supply Chain. These crimes cause not only property loss, but also safety issues for the company, owner, and the consumer.  It creates delays, shutdowns, thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in costs for everyone involved. Many hours are exhausted in investigations by Law Enforcement agencies who can find it difficult to prove ownership of property or placing the suspect at the scene of the crime. Other solutions or traditional marking / identification methods are either relatively expensive or can easily be overcome by criminals. Cambridge Federal has a proven effective solution! Let us explain...


How it works...

The SmartTrace product contains a 1-in-a-billion forensic code visible only under a specific UV wavelength light. Forensic Codes are not repeated and are registered to the Property Owner, effectively proving ownership and authentication of products and assets. Once the “Forensic Code” is identified by Law Enforcement and/or a certified SmartWater trained personnel on an Asset or Property, they collect a small sample, then send to a SmartWater Certified lab. The Lab processes the sample and the code is then identified, linking and authenticating it back to the original registered source. All “Forensic Coding” water-based solutions are classified as Non-Hazardous.

Successful Solutions

Cambridge Forensics has been hard at work providing forensic tracing services to the Supply Chain. From tagging Catalytic converters, to internal theft of designer items, to Airbag authentication - we fit our programs to your needs!

Some examples of programs we offer:

  • Original equipment manufacturing tagging
  • Counterfeit product identification
  • Internal theft tracing
  • Pharmaceutical authenticity tracing
  • Historical and valuables authenticity tagging
  • Special Covert Operations

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Agriculture and Livestock Marking

Beekeepers working to collect honey. Organic and healthy beekeeping concept.
Group of young steers in the meadow
Combine harvesters Agricultural machinery. The machine for harvesting grain crops.

SmartTrace Additive for Livestock Marking contains a 1-in-a-billion “Forensic Code” visible only under a specific UV wavelength light. It is designed to be applied to Livestock for identifying asset owner without additional branding or tagging requirements. Dependent on the marking location, the “Forensic Code” will last for 6-8 weeks. Application locations vary on the type of livestock and can be sprayed or brushed on. All “Forensic Coding” are water-based solutions and classified as Non-Hazardous. SmartTag products are also used to tag Agricultural equipment.

*For non-consumable applications only - Not FDA approved for human consumption.

Successful Agriculture tagging solutions:

  • Highly sought-after parts of agriculture equipment
  • Beehives (non-consumable part of the harvesting process)
  • Cattle hooves/non-consumable part of livestock
  • Product packaging in the fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.
  • Product packaging to trace en-route transit

Marine Solution Kit

Fishing boats in harbor of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Big luxury cabin motorboat cruiser yacht engine at trailer ramp from storage boat hangar garage. Ship service, cleaning, repair or maintenance concept. Luxury fishing leisure recreation lifestyle.

SmartTrace Marine Coding Solution Kit contains a 3ml SmartTrace Coding Solution containing a 1-in-a-billion “Forensic Code” visible only under a specific UV wavelength light and External Property Marker Decals for display on vessel stating that it is “Forensically” protected. The solution can be used all assets of the vessel whether they be submerged or not. The coding solution is extremely robust and is manufactured to last a minimum of 5-Years.

Successful Marine Tagging Solutions

  • Original equipment manufacturing
  • High value marine electronics and machinery
  • High value watercraft vessels
  • Aviation related applications

High Temperature Coding Solution Kit

SmartTrace High Temperature Coding Solution Kit contains a 3ml SmartTrace High Temperature Coding Solution containing a 1-in-a-billion “Forensic Code” visible only under a specific UV wavelength light and External Property Marker Decals for display on vehicles, e.g. stating Catalytic Converter is “Forensically” protected. The coding solution is extremely robust and is manufactured to last a minimum of 5-Years or 100,000 miles on the Catalytic Converter. This product can be used on multiple high-temperature use cases.

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