Contagious Disease Training


CDT Training

What is it?

Contagious Disease Training (CDT) is a unique, certifiable course offered primarily for First Responders and Medical Personnel to demonstrate a tangible and effective way on how contagious diseases spread and how to properly don and doff their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

CDT demonstrates contagion spread through a unique, virtually invisible substance that is simulated in real-life scenarios. The students can see all the direct and indirect ways that infected body fluids may be inadvertently spread while caring for an infected patient or handling contaminated equipment. With proper training on how to don and doff PPE, our students will help to drastically minimize the inadvertent spread of a contagions. Though the products are not intended to directly replicate the transfer and persistence profiles of a specific contagious agents, they can provide an invaluable training assistant to aid the improvement of appropriate anti-contamination procedure and behaviors.  

CDT product representing Contagious Disease spread

How do I get registered for a course?

Click on the button to contact us for more information on how to schedule a course at your establishment. We will come to you! Let us help you protect yourselves and our communities through proper education and practices!