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Cambridge Federal is a proud partner with SmartWater Group. Check out our products to see the vast number of solutions in theft prevention and asset authenticity.

Cambridge Federal, Cambridge Forensics (dba) is a GSA Contract holder - if you are a government entity, please click the button to view our GSA catalogue and purchase our products at a discount there.

Supply Chain

Cambridge Forensics now offers Supply Chain theft solutions. Vehicles, Catalytic Converters, Agricultural Equipment, Residential and Commercial Thefts/Robberies are steadily increasing across the United States, and the international Supply Chain. These crimes cause not only property loss, but also safety issues for the company, owner, and the consumer.  It creates delays, shutdowns, thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in costs for everyone involved. Many hours are exhausted in investigations by Law Enforcement agencies who can find it difficult to prove ownership of property or placing the suspect at the scene of the crime. Cambridge forensics can help! Click on the Catalytic Converter to check out our Supply Chain Programs!

Law Enforcement

SmartWater Law Enforcement Programs have successfully been utilized around the country and world. Designed for use in Social Disorder, Fleeing Suspects or Vehicles and for “Domestic Protective Order” violations, Cambridge Forensics has been able to support Law Enforcement in a contact-less and efficient way to make our communities safer.  Our programs include Covert Products, Tools, and Equipment for specific, high-risk targets/items to forensically mark a suspect and provides direct suspect identification to the crime. Law Enforcement agencies are able to broadcast a high visibility communication for the public, in turn making communities feel safer and creating a fear in the would be suspect, to re-think their plans to commit a crime at Cambridge Forensics/SmartWater protected properties. Click on the tagged perpetrator to visit our Law Enforcement page!

Asset Tagging and Security Systems

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Asset tagging for your personal property as well as security system enhancements with SmartTrace and SmartSpray Universal Spray Units. SmartTrace forensically tags assets and property, a 1-in-a-billion “Forensically Coded” solution, invisible to the human eye, will be able to prove ownership and authenticity, linking criminals to the crimescene. SmartSpray Universal Spray Units are designed to be used in Residential or Commercial properties. Typically connected to existing alarm systems and installed at entry points or high-risk areas. When activated, the SmartSpray unit will disburse the SmartWater solution mentioned above, linking thecriminals back to the crime scene. All “Forensic Coding” are water-based solutions and classified as Non-Hazardous. More information coming soon!

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